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Have you ever wondered?

Okay.. So this is Me, Josh..

Im here because i want to be remembered.
That sounds depressing but heyy.. thats my view on this.

So today.. i have called this entry.. Have you ever wondered?

You may ask yourself, what i mean by this.. Well ill tell you.

Have you ever just sat there and wondered, "where will i be and what will i be doing in 5 years"?
Well, i think about this quite alot.

My aim for five years time from now, Is too.. Get into college, Computer Maintainence, Finish my course. Become like a stupid geek at computers, but a geek with fashion sense, ahah. So anyway.. Then i would like to have a car, and think about moving to New York.

My dream is to live in New York City,
with all the lights and romance.

A quote "Im in newyork searching for the Two BIG L's (Labels and Love)".
Okay, so falling in love sounds nice right about now.

I have this image of my life, it sounds very nice.. but the reality is, it isnt going to happen how i want it. Yes, clearly there is gonna be complications.. Yahh'know..

If you have known me for some years, you should remember me saying.. "Ill be dead by the time im 20".
Yes, depressing i know.
but back in those days, i didnt really have a view on life. Didnt care about anything, But since then.. ive came out of my shell.

Im just so worried about the future, Are you?

Joshyyy x



Iloveyou Josh! xD

Joshyyy babez,, i know this may sound a lil sad but you inspire me!! You have changed me,,,, you are the best most amazing person that i have met babe,, and... we have to live in beverly hills in NYC!! We will move to NYC and things may not go exactly the way we want them to but look at the bright side.. we will always have eachother!! You are inspiring babe......i'm not just saying this because you are my best friend,, i mean every single word that i am saying! iloveyou sexy

lots of love from
Betsy Lips ( Dannielle Phillips)

Re: Iloveyou Josh! xD

Honey.. We will live together in NYC. <3

You are the best thing that has happened to me in such a long time..
If only i was straight (:

<3 love you Dannielle

Joshyyy x


Re: Iloveyou Josh! xD

I cant wait babez.... u mean more to me than anyone ever has babe,, im willing to turn into a man for you,, but then i wouldnt be betsy LIPS anymore because i wouldnt have any ):

Josh you are amazing.......Iloveyou more than anything babe!!


Betsy Lips (Dannielle Phillips)

Re: Iloveyou Josh! xD

That was the best thing i've ever heard <3


Joshyyy x


Re: Iloveyou Josh! xD

You will be hearing more interesting things from me when we move to NYC!!
:P you know what i mean babez.... and you soknow you love it

Your so gay!!!


Betsy Lips (Dannielle Phillips)

Re: Iloveyou Josh! xD

Awww, <3

Cannot Wait,
Life.. I actually love life. Yahh'know,
its amazing


"Ffs, my lips hurt... Honey, i cant sit down". (;

<3 <3 Love You Lots,

Joshyyy x


Re: Iloveyou Josh! xD

And babe,, if any boys treat you like s**t then send em to me,, ill deal with them!! no-one hurts my Bender!! NOBODY!!

ohh yeah babez,, the only reason you love your life is because you have me,, just so you know!! xD

iloveyou xxxx


Betsy Lips (Dannielle Phillips)

Re: Iloveyou Josh! xD


Sozz, get out of your arse..

and let me get in there, ahahaha