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Self Confidence.

Well.. hello there,

Today i have woken up feeling energyless. I have been thinking what i have to do today and what i could do today. That keys in with the title of this entry. "Self Confidence". Okay, so today.. I have to bleach my roots, There terrible. So yeah.. today i have to enjoy some slight pain and itching.. Not tasty, honestly. So apart from the hair bleaching.. I also have to do quite a bit i do suppose. I have to fix a computer, for a family friend. Im in one of those moods, where i could just sleep all day but actually i wouldnt be able too.. I am one of those people yahh'see where once im awake, i cant get back to sleep until at like 15 hours later.. Body fuck up. yes, i know..

So apart from that, today seems like it could be a good day.
Wonder if that changes.

We'l See,

Joshyyy x