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Okayy.. Hello again..

I havent done one of these in a while..

In my last diary journal, I said that my coursework and GCSE.. well basically. FML..

But actually after writing that journal, Parents evening came along, and actually.. Im doing VERY well :)

I cannot be bothered to tell you my grades, but basically im getting from E - A*.

I am veryyyyy proud of myself, But still i am pushing myself to get higher. Doing coursework at home, stopping in at dinner's. Doing coursework. Any spare time i get my hands on, im working,, but heyy.. I guess life is all about working.

Yes, life is good atm..

I nolonger have debt to be paid off,
Im free.. Free i tell you..

My next challege is to get all coursework done, progress, etc.

Its sunday night, school tomorrow.. Actually its rather depressing to think in 10 hours from now, ill be in a classroom. I think its time for bed soon, now ive figured that one out anyway.

Right darlings, Until next time.. Cyahh <3