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How would you describe inspiration? (comment, let me know).

So we all find somebody or something inspiring, but what is that and why? This is what I ask myself.

For example, I find Fashion inspiring, models, etc, Hairstyles,

What  makes those things so inspiring?

I find Fashion is everything, without fashion where would we be?

Clothing, Hairstyles, INDIVIDUALITY.
Can you imagine a world without fashion and the way its expanding? I cant.

Just think.. walking down the street, everybody wearing the same.. Individuality Dead.

God!! Its horrid, If your like me, im actually starting to imagine in my head what that  would be like. 
Walking down the High Street, Town Centre, Everybody wearing jeans and a top. Its just not tasty.

No accessories, nothing.. God.. just No!

I love the way... how fashion is extending..

So.. the question is..

What do you find inspiring? 
(comment.. let me know).

Thanks, Joshyyy x



aww, that's beautiful!:') it's so true, our world would be so plain without fashion, just dead dull. (n) thankgod for the invention of fashion;D ahaa! with you all the way josh ;) love lexi (L)
Awww.. Bless, i know right.. Love you.. thanks for commenting :) x


Personally I don't find fashion inspiring, I find words inspiring. People, friends, teachers who tell you that one thing that sticks with you for years on end. The stories and poems of the world that inspire you to be a better person. Language, in itself is inspiring.
P.s It's Fatty Amy