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New York inspires me. Whats your dream?

Everybody has dreams,
There all different,
Inspiring, Depressing, Logical and personal.

You think to yourself.. I would like to do this.. I would like to acomplish something.

A dream you have, you want to become a reality. <3

Well like everybody else, I have a dream.. but heyy so did Susan Boyle, ahah.
She achieved her dream, now its time for mine to be accomplished..

New York.

The lights, the noise, the atmosphere, the life there.

NewYork is the most inspiring place in the world to me. I would love to go there, see things, do things, eat things, watch things.

When i go to New York because i will. I am just going to walk round all day, everywhere, anywhere. My mission will be to get lost.

My friend Dannielle Phillips, also shares my dream of going and seeing and even feeling newyork. Feeling NewYork emotionally obviously. New York crime is very high, one of the worst cities of the most horrid crimes. That doesnt bother me, This sound weird and rather creepy but i would love to well not see but hear about crime in new york. New York just makes me feel real, I feel like i am supposed to be there. In New York, living in New York, working in New York.

New York is where my life begins,
Lets see what happends :)

Joshyyy x




Babe,,, im so madly in love with new york!! im so glad that we share the same passion. in new york the buildings,, lights,, atmoosphere,, and the small people with big dreams inspire me!! i love NEW YORK! i cannot wait to experience my dream!!

p.s - im so proud of susan boyle,, i love how generous and real she is,, i admire her determination to make something out of herself....... just like me and you josh... iloveyou

Betsy Lips (Dannielle Phillips)

Re: NewYork

Thanks for the comment darling. I really do appreciate you commenting these, and our dreams will become a reality. I need more people to start viewing this online diary.. How could i do this? x Comment Back x Joshyyy x


Re: NewYork

Ask people on msn,, make flyers,,, i dunno,, talk on msn.... x

dannielle phillips


av u eva even been coz its prbably nt as gud as u fink
Hello, thanks for the comment. Ive never been to New York, but i would love too. I would go there for the two big L's, Labels and Love.x