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Not good.

Okay.. its time..

Its time for me to open up to you all, this may be emotional..

I feel worthless, like i shouldnt be here. Im an easy target, a bomb waiting to go off. I think im on the process of having a breakdown and im serious.

Im scared.. Im scared of loosing all will to live. =/

My life at the moment, is like a rollercoaster... but with more drops than lifts. I just feel completely and utterly bored of trying, I just want to escape you know...
But i dont know how,

Death.. not for me..
I just need to get out.. Run away for a while.

I think its time i think about this quite seriously...
I do think though honestly.. Im having a breakdown..

Have you noticed a difference in my behaviour? etc, Please.. please.. let me know?


Joshyyy x


Re: Badtimes

Dannielle.. You mean the world to me. I dont know whats wrong with me, i just feel.. horrid. worthless, what has love done foe me though.. Love hurt me.. yahhh'know?..

Your gonna have to make me feel good,
In person i may feel really good and look feel good but actually inside my head.. im crapp. Not good, and its begining to show. I mean i proper snapped at Savannah earlier, etc. Its just not good at the moment. I will speak to you more about it tomorrow, Things are just getting me down i suppose. (:

LoveYou x