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Not good.

Okay.. its time..

Its time for me to open up to you all, this may be emotional..

I feel worthless, like i shouldnt be here. Im an easy target, a bomb waiting to go off. I think im on the process of having a breakdown and im serious.

Im scared.. Im scared of loosing all will to live. =/

My life at the moment, is like a rollercoaster... but with more drops than lifts. I just feel completely and utterly bored of trying, I just want to escape you know...
But i dont know how,

Death.. not for me..
I just need to get out.. Run away for a while.

I think its time i think about this quite seriously...
I do think though honestly.. Im having a breakdown..

Have you noticed a difference in my behaviour? etc, Please.. please.. let me know?


Joshyyy x




Babe,, i havent noticed a change in ur behaviour,, your exactly the same,, i think its just the face that you are getting used to something always being there and its annoying you,, but i dont think you know what it is,, either do i but you need to do something different with your time babe,, this may help you feel alot better,, try n go to bed every night this week n say to yourself,, with meaning,, im proud of myself today or at least think of something that you are proud of doing or proud of having,, iloveyou joshyyy,, you are my best friend,, im always here for you .........<3

Betsy Lips (Dannielle Phillips)

Re: Badtimes

Dannielle.. You mean the world to me. I dont know whats wrong with me, i just feel.. horrid. worthless, what has love done foe me though.. Love hurt me.. yahhh'know?..

Your gonna have to make me feel good,
In person i may feel really good and look feel good but actually inside my head.. im crapp. Not good, and its begining to show. I mean i proper snapped at Savannah earlier, etc. Its just not good at the moment. I will speak to you more about it tomorrow, Things are just getting me down i suppose. (:

LoveYou x